It's all about  turning your international challenges into opportunities 

Globalization has dramatically increased the complexity of work for executives today. Not only do you need to manage the difficulties of driving success in an ever more competitive world, but also cope with doing business across multiple time zones with people from multiple cultural backgrounds.

Coaching from business experience 

More than 25 years experience of managing people, developing teams and coaching in international environments for UK, French, German and American corporations such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. The majority of that time has been spent in international roles while living as an expatriate. My passion is developing people..

+++ An extensive business career has included marketing, sales, business development, strategy , organizational development and general management roles. +++ Responsibilities have ranged from establishing businesses throughout Eastern Europe, leading major international product launches, to being responsible for a $2 billion software business in Western Europe. +++ A native of Scotland, I speak fluent German and live with my family near Munich.

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How do you form an effective team when the members have different native languages, diverse cultural understanding and are physically spread throughout the world?

To achieve success and stay ahead it is becoming increasing important to turn international diversity from being a source of misunderstanding or distrust into a unique corporate asset that provides competitive advantage.

And in this hectic world of international business how can you also find time for your family, friends, non-work commitments and personal interests?

International business coaching can help by: 

Enabling you to take proactive control of the challenges of international business across cultures, rather than reacting to individual situations and problems
  = Increased personal effectiveness and subsequent career success 

Working with you to enhance your international people-management effectiveness
  = Improved employees’ self-reliance and job satisfaction 

Facilitating the development of your team to be an organisation where each individual is open to ideas from their international peers 
  = A team that quickly learns from each-other and adapts best practices 

Showing you how to take effective command of your own work-life balance
  = More time for private non-work interests

As we come through this current economic cycle are you going come out on top?
I offer my many years of management, coaching and team-development experience to help ensure you do.